Stage 07 (Feltre - Aune)



The village of Aune arose along an ancient road axis strengthened by the Romans, probably the route of the military road Claudia Augusta Altinate. The place name clearly indicates its origin: Aune in fact derives from the Latin word Alnus, which, rather than elm, stands here for Alder, a tree found in the overhanging Val Masiera, once renowned for the quarries of the prized violet limestone of the Vette used until the 19th century.

Technical Information

  • Difficulty walking Media
  • Distance 19,5 km
  • Total ascension 1040 m

The Path

The indication of the difference in altitude is variable depending on the application used to read the GPX

Stage 7

Feltre – Foen: 2.6 km

Feltre – Altin locality: 5 km

Feltre – Pedavena Brewery: 8.5 km

Feltre – Pedavena Centre: 9 km

Feltre – Norcen: 11 km

Feltre – Croce D’Aune Pass: 18 km

Feltre – Aune: 19,5 km

Cammino Retrico



To end on a high note!

Last effort of the Cammino Retico, wonderful views again today and a bit of a climb to tackle.

A visit to the Birreria Di Pedavena can’t be missed, with a consequent “birretta” (beer), and having arrived at Croce D’Aune rest before the last km downhill.

You will soon see the village of Aune in the background, surrounded and protected by the majestic rocks of the Vette Feltrine.

Welcome back wayfarers!