Stage 06 (Cesiomaggiore - Feltre)



Origins and the Roman Age
According to Pliny the Elder (Naturalis Historia, III, 130), ancient Feltria was founded by the Reti (oppidum Rhaetian) with the cities of Trent and Verona. The place name is debated: some liken it to the Etruscan language (Felthuri, i.e. city of Fel), observing an assonance with Velhatre (Velletri).

Gradually Romanised, Feltria became municipium optimo jure and in the imperial age experienced considerable economic and urban development. Its proximity to the important Via Claudia Augusta, a road that led from Altino, on the Venetian Lagoon, via Trento and the Brenner Pass to Augusta Vindelicum (today’s Augsburg, in Bavaria), was fundamental.

Technical Information

  • Difficulties in walking Media
  • Distance 24,5 km
  • Total ascension 592 m

The Path

The indication of the difference in altitude is variable depending on the application used to read the GPX

Stage 6

Cesiomaggiore – Toschian: 3 km

Cesiomaggiore – Arson: 7.80 km

Cesiomaggiore – Lasen: 9.5 km

Cesiomaggiore – S. Martino Church (San Martino Valley): 12.5 km

Cesiomaggiore – Grum (Villa De Mezzan): 14.5 km

Cesiomaggiore – Villabruna: 16.5 km

Cesiomaggiore – Cart: 20 km

Cesiomaggiore – Feltre Piazza Maggiore: 24,5 km

Cammino Retrico
Altimetro 06



Stage with multiple characteristics.We say goodbye to the ancient centre of Cesiomaggiore, to walk towards the small mid-mountain villages, exposed to the sun.A stage with multiple characteristics, a type of mixed terrain with pleasant panoramic and scenic views, ending in the historic centre of the walled city of Feltre.A pleasant surprise for those not yet familiar with it.