Stage 05 (Seren del Grappa - Cesiomaggiore)



The Cesio territory has belonged to the Feltre area since antiquity, a land that was inhabited by the Raetians in pre-Roman times.

The toponym is believed to derive from the Latin anthroponym Caesius, referring to a gens Caesia, to which the Latin poet Cesio Basso (1st century A.D.) belonged. The presence of the gens Caesia in the area of Cesiomaggiore is attested by the finding of an inscription mentioning a L. Caesius L. Among the finds that testify to the Roman presence there is a monumental cippus from 47 A.D., which commemorates the construction of the Via Claudia Augusta altinate (between Altinum, on the Adriatic Sea, and Augusta Vindelicum, today Augsburg, in the Danube region), and which has become the heraldic symbol of the municipality. It is incorporated in an altar at the Church of St. Mary Major.

Technical Information

  • Difficulties in walking Media
  • Distance 31 km
  • Total ascension 724 m

The Path

The indication of the difference in altitude is variable depending on the application used to read the GPX

Stage 5

Seren Del Grappa – Rasai: 2.5 km

Seren Del Grappa – Porcen: 4 km

Seren Del Grappa – Anzù: 10.5 km

Seren Del Grappa – Sanctuary S. Vittore and Corona: 12 km

Seren Del Grappa/Celarda (Vincheto Nature Reserve): 16.5 km

Seren Del Grappa/Villa delle Centenere: 23 km

Seren Del Grappa/Cesiomaggiore: 31 km

Cammino Retrico
altimetro 05



A stage with an endless series of interesting places to visit.

A transfer stage, with no gradients and mainly touristy. An endless series of interesting places to visit, historical, cultural and natural, so keep your camera ready.

A lot of asphalt on this stage, mostly on very low-traffic roads, however be careful. Assess water supplies very carefully, from Cellarda onwards it is difficult to refuel, ask at the houses along the road. In addition to this, consider whether to split the stage in two. Beware of scorching sunny days.