Stage 04 (Fonzaso - Seren del Grappa)



The origins of Fonzaso should be placed in Roman times. The locality benefited from its proximity to Feltria, at that time a municipality, and the transit of the Via Paolina, a branch of the better known Via Claudia Augusta Altinate.

Dating back to the period of the barbarian invasions is the erection of two castles, one located near the Arten saddle, the other near the covolo di San Michele and owned by the Ghibelline Fonzasia family.

Technical Information

  • Difficulties in walking Media
  • Distance 35 km
  • Total ascension 1290 m

The Path

The indication of the difference in altitude is variable depending on the application used to read the GPX

Stage 4

Fonzaso – Rocca d’Arsiè: 14 km

Fonzaso – Seren Valley: 29 km

Fonzaso – Seren del Grappa: 35 km

Cammino Retico Tappa 4



Starting from Fonzaso

We start from Fonzaso along a flat route for 15 km, also skirting Lake Corlo; from Rocca d’Arsiè (remember to stock up on water) we begin to climb gradually along the northern slopes of Monte Grappa.

A long stage with a good difference in altitude, we advise you to calculate distances well.

Seriously consider finding accommodation in the Seren valley.