Stage 03 (Castello Tesino - Fonzaso)



The name Castello Tesino dates back to Roman times, but there are archaeological remains testifying to the presence of the Reti in a much earlier period. The area was an excellent outpost for the Roman legions that travelled along the Via Claudia Augusta, a Roman road that started from Altinum in the direction of Augusta Vindelicum (today’s Augsburg in Germany) and passed through Castello Tesino because of the marshy situation and even the presence of a lake where the Brenta Canal is now located.

Technical Information

  • Difficulties in walking Media
  • Distance 25,5 km
  • Total ascension 840 m

The Path

The indication of the difference in altitude is variable depending on the application used to read the GPX

Stage 3

Castello Tesino – Grifone a Celado: 5.5 km

Castello Tesino – Fonzaso: 28.5 km

Cammino Retico



A stage with many scenic facets

from the fabulous spectacle of the Griffon of Vaia, to the equally fabulous natural and scenic views.

Routes along the routes of ancient shepherds and their flocks.

Caution! Remember to stock up on liquids in Celado or before, few possibilities to refuel later until arrival.