Stage 02 (Lamon - Castello Tesino)



The stage is characterised by the route defined as Claudia Augusta Altinate. It should be noted that the ancient Romans very often built their roads on earlier and even more ancient routes.

Technical Information

  • Difficulties in walking Media
  • Distance 22,9 km
  • Total ascension 1360 m

The Path

The indication of the difference in altitude is variable depending on the application used to read the GPX

Stage 2

Lamon – San Donato: 7.5 km

Lamon – Castello Tesino: 22 km




The Roman road Claudia Augusta Altinate.

A stage practically tracing the presumed Roman road Claudia Augusta Altinate.

A road probably built on much older tracks, but important for Rome’s power to subdue the Rhaetian people. Visit the Lamon archaeological museum (finds in the village of San Donato), and the Rhaetian houses in Castello Tesino.