The History

Walking in the Land of the Rhaetian People

The Rhaetian Way is linked right from its name to the pre-Roman past of the city of Feltre and the entire Feltre area, characterised by the presence of the Rhaetians, a culture that, from its epicentre in Trentino (the finds at Sanzeno, for example, are fundamental, giving its name to one of the most important variants of this culture that of Fritzens-Sanzeno), then spread to the upper Vicenza area, the Bressanone area and in general to South Tyrol (especially with the material culture variant of the Luco-Meluno Culture) and to all the territories between the eastern area of present-day Switzerland and Carnia. The Reti were part of a particularly complex territorial framework, which saw the presence, to remain in our area, also of the Ancient Veneti – with peculiar aspects that led Giulia Fogolari to identify them as ‘Alpine Veneti’ – and of the Carni, who occupied the northern part

Cammino retico storia