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Do you want to organise the Camino Retico?

Here are the answers to all your questions, please read everything carefully.

How to get the list of affiliated activities?

By subscribing to the “Cammino Retico” you will get the list of affiliated activities.

FAQ Frequently Asked Question

  • How to get the list of affiliated activities?
    By subscribing to the walk you will get the list of affiliated activities

  • How can I get the GPX tracks?
    By subscribing to the walk you will get the GPX tracks

  • Can I be accommodated with my dog?
    Dogs are accepted by some establishments but it is always advisable to specify the presence of a dog when booking.

  • What does ‘donative’ mean?
    The host does not impose a price for the hospitality offered, but leaves the traveller free to make a free donation.

  • If a host or sponsor is ‘donated’ does it mean that I will receive a discount on the service offered by presenting the credential?
    No business is obliged to give discounts on the prices offered, you still ask by presenting the credential. Do your own evaluation of prices and possibly look for something else.

  • Is it compulsory to give notice when one intends to leave from Aune?
    No, a stamp (Rhaetian Way) will be available inside the yellow box beside the secretariat door in Aune. If, however, you want both initial stamps (Rhaetian Way and association) then you must notify a volunteer.

  • When I finish my walk what should I do
    Contact the volunteers in advance so that they can wait for you at the headquarters in Aune to give you the final stamp and the final certificate.
    Also for the end of the Walk there would be the opportunity to have the final stamp available in the yellow box.

  • What ‘advantages’ can having the credential give me?
    The credential gives you the possibility to have at your disposal the list of affiliated activities and the gpx tracks, in addition to this at the donations it is forbidden to host wayfarers without a credential (you will have to show it to the manager of the donative), in some affiliated activities you could have some discounts

  • Can I also do the walk on non-consecutive days?
    Of course, the Rhaetian Way can be walked as one sees fit, what is certain is that in order to obtain a certificate of completion, you will need to stamp the complete route at the secretary’s office.

  • Why is it recommended to have the printed guidebook with you?
    The printed guidebook offers a complete and accurate overview of each stage of the walk, providing detailed information on the history, geography, fauna and flora of the territories crossed.

  • Why is it important to have at least one stamp on the credential for each stage with the date?
    Having at least one stamp with the date on each stage allows you to have the final testimony and chronicle as a memento of your walk. 

  • If I have problems along the way, who can I turn to?
    It depends on what problems.
    On the route or probably related to maintenance you can write on Whatsapp +39 345 897 2734.For more serious emergencies contact 118 


  • Guide Book
  • Credential (Passport)