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Advice and recommendations for facing the Camino

Clothing and equipment

Often underestimated, this part of the organisation of the walk is of fundamental importance and if poorly managed may prevent you from enjoying the route and create problems.

When we talk about trekking we are talking about a “slow walk” often lasting several days that can be done alone or in company, the important thing is to be ready, let’s see how.

The first thing to do is to choose the right backpack for your needs, the first advice we give you is to choose the lightest one possible.

If you decide to undertake the Rhaetian Way, you must be aware that you will not be able to walk it in a day, so you will have to plan for the space needed for a sleeping bag and a small tent, not to mention a supply of food and water in case of emergency.

Here the planning of the route comes in handy, which we have discussed in the chapter “Physical preparation” because depending on the season in which we choose to undertake our Rhaetian Way, the clothing to wear and carry also varies.

In winter we would need heavy boots and many extra things in the rucksack, unlike in summer where clothing will be lighter and consequently so will the rucksack.

In trekking, as in the high mountains, the rule is ‘Less in more.

What should not be missing from your backpack

  • water (thermal water bottle to be filled if necessary) and food supplies
  • spare clothing (socks and a light towel are a must!)
  • lighter
  • torch
  • our guidebook
  • sun/insect-bite creams
  • first aid kit
  • sleeping bag/blanket
  • map

How do you fill your rucksack?

Equipment is arranged according to weight, optimising space.
All useful items for the walk, such as a map, water, GPS, and a first-aid kit, should be kept at hand.

What clothes should I put in my backpack for a long walk?

When embarking on a walk, clothing is of paramount importance; without the proper clothing, a simple trek could turn into a bad adventure.


We favour high hiking shoes that protect the ankles, breathable and waterproof.


Just as important as the boots are the socks, which must be breathable to keep the feet dry and thermally insulated.
In winter you would need thermal underwear, in summer we recommend long trousers or for those who are particularly hot you could use those with zips so that you can use the short trousers in urban areas and the long ones on the trails.

The upper part of the body should be comfortable and cool. In winter, in addition to thermal underwear, I recommend a breathable jersey, a jacket and a shell (which you will need in case of rain and/or wind in both winter and summer).

Cammino retico

Physical preparation for the Rhaetian Way

Like any walk, the Rhaetian Way requires physical preparation to help you cope with the distances and diversity of the routes.
We recommend starting with a gradual preparation to be calibrated according to your age and physical fitness.

We recommend that you plan your trip and consider when you will tackle the walk so that you can prepare your rucksack accurately:

1. Define a programme.

Careful consideration must be given to the choice of period in which to undertake the walk.
Winter freezes the trails, snow and cold temperatures can often be found at high altitudes, but the fatigue and cold are rewarded by priceless views and panoramas.
Spring sees the awakening of nature, the thaw gives longer days with cold but exceptionally colourful sunrises and sunsets.
Summer is the busiest time on the trails and roads where not only wayfarers but also hikers take advantage of the fine weather to breathe in pure air and unspoilt areas.
Autumn is a riot of colours, the days still have pleasant temperatures and the weather is often clear.

2. Choose the timing.

The second thing to decide is how many days you want to devote to the Rhaetian Way.
The Rhaetian Way was conceived as a 7-day route, but taking into account the altitude difference and distances, we invite you to plan the route slowly, letting yourself be carried away by the history, beauty and art of these still little-known territories. In our guidebook you will find numerous ideas for visits to museums, villages and historic buildings that are well worth a visit.

3. Trained for the path

Walks have always been demanding and we recommend good physical preparation before departure, alternating two pairs of walking shoes so that you can relieve your feet after hours of walking.

4. Prepare your rucksack sensibly.

Your backpack will be your best friend on this adventure. Start off on the right foot without exaggerating with the weight you will carry on your shoulders. Bring only useful things, but for more specifics I refer you to our chapter ‘clothing/equipment’.

5. May the spirit of adventure be with you!

The nature, the villages that you will see, the scents and flavours that you will smell will certainly be different from those you are used to… don’t be scared, the saying goes ‘in the mountains, taste is better’, and that’s right… you will fall in love with these views, these colours and this fabulous adventure!

Cammino retrico tenda

In a tent

For those who love adventure and want to experience this in a tent, here are some tips;

It is permitted;

  • Free bivouacking from dusk to dawn in the mountains and in the areas recommended by the organisation with a credential.

it is not allowed;

  • Lighting fires, littering, bivouacking on private land, collecting chestnuts and fruit on private property.
  • Some agritourisms, if you dine with them, offer special areas for camping (details in the guide book).
Cammino Retico Cane

Walking with your dog

It is possible to walk the walk with your dog knowing that the route is quite demanding and dogs suffer, especially in the mountainous section where rocks can ruin the paws’ fingertips.

The organisation advises against setting off with your dog unless they are already used to covering such distances and altitude differences, especially in the summer months.

Dogs are accepted in most establishments, but it is always advisable to specify the presence of a dog when booking.

Information on the "Cammino Retico"


  • Guide Book
  • Credential